This website/mobile app/online community is not acting as an agent or contractor for the State of Alaska or the Made In Alaska® program.  Alaskafy® LLC is simply certified by the State of Alaska Made In Alaska® program Permit #7703 for the following:  A website https://www.madeinalaska.net as a digital product for the sole purpose of offering digital products to certified Made in Alaska permit holders. MadeInAlaska.Net is that digital product and has all the rights assigned any other certified Made In Alaska® product including the use of the “Mother Bear, Cub Logo as outlined by the Made In Alaska® program.

Joining this community or upgrading your business listing has no affect on your Made In Alaska® permit status and is not required or mandatory.  All Certified Made In Alaska® permit holders get a free listing on MadeInAlaska.Net. However, joining this website community, claiming and upgrading your business listing can substantially increase the digital online and mobile marketing presence of your certified Made In Alaska® products or services.

This MadeInAlaska.Net website/mobile apps and community is the first of its kind for certified Made In Alaska® permit holders and brought to you exclusively by: Alaskafy® LLC, also certified Made In Alaska® Permit #7666, for:  Online social marketplace (website 100% Alaska-resident made) and mobile application(s) (website 100% Alaska-resident made) where vendors can register on the site and/or mobile and create individual stores and sell their products through our technology.